Be Prepared

The first meeting you have with us is to discuss what you are looking to do – whether it is a new purchase/re-mortgage/capital raise/BTL/lifetime mortgage or commercial finance. We will assess your current work and financial situation to source the most suitable lender and mortgage to meet your needs and circumstances.

To help us do this and progress your application as smoothly as possible, please email pdfs of the following information/documentation and bring the originals to the meeting:

• Proof of identity for each applicant (e.g. passport/card driving licence*).

• Proof of address for each applicant (e.g. a printed bank statement or utility bill less than 3 months old or card driving licence* or your latest council tax bill).

• Proof of income (Last P60 and last 3 month’s payslips if employed or last 2 years accounts, SA302 and tax year overview if self-employed).

• Last three full months bank statements for the account(s) that your income(s) is paid into and household expenses are paid from.

• Details of any financial commitments (car loan, credit card, buy to let mortgages, HP etc)  Provide monthly payment and balance/term remaining.

• Proof of deposit funds – last three months statements for the accounts holding your mortgage deposit fund

• Your up-to-date credit report. The credit reference agencies used by most lenders are included in CheckmyFile They offer a 30-day free trial which is then £14.99 a month thereafter. This can be cancelled at any time.  Please send us a pdf of your full report.

*You can not use the driving licence as both proof of ID and Proof of Address