Certified Proof of Identity and Address

To help you with your mortgage and/or insurance, we will need proof of your identity (ID) and proof of your current residential address.

The proof of ID needs to be photographic – a current passport is ideal.

The proof of address should be printed (copies from the internet are not acceptable), have your name and address on it, be from a utility company or bank and be dated within the last 3 months.

As we haven’t met, your proof of ID and proof of address will need to be certified as below before sending it to us via scan and upload, email or by post. Certification can be by any of the following people based in the UK;

Only black and white copies of passports are permitted – colour copies infringe copyright.

The certifier must write on the copy of the ID/address – “I certify that I have seen the original document and this is a true copy”, and be signed, dated and state their profession (eg solicitor). The statement for photographic evidence must also state it ‘bears a good likeness to the applicant’.

We must be able to contact the person certifying the evidence therefore a contact name and number will be required.

For international cases, it is preferable that the ID and proof of address are certified in the UK. It is possible to proceed without this but it will dictate a different process that may not be as straightforward.

Capture Scans Using an Iphone
Every iphone comes with an app called Notes. This is a really useful tool that enables you to take quick and easy high quality scans that we can use.

1. Open Notes on your iphone.
2. Then open a new Note (click the icon at bottom right) which opens the keyboard.
3. At the top of the keyboard is a line of icons. One of them is a camera. Click on it.
4. You have three options. The bottom one is “Scan Documents”. Clicking on that opens the camera.
5. There should be an Auto in the top right. If it says Manual then click on it to toggle to Auto.
6. Position the document you want to scan (flat and level and well lit) and hold the iphone above it. The phone will focus on the document and take a scan when it is in focus.
7. Click on Save to keep it. The saved scan is saved with that Note.
8. To share the scan, press on it till it clicks and gives you options to Copy, Share, Rename, Delete. Select Share then chose how you want to share it eg email, Messages, Whatsapp and send it.