Buy To Let

The demand for rental property is still strong in many parts of the country.

However, buy to let mortgages can be harder to secure now than in previous years, with lenders requiring larger deposits of around 25% of a rental property’s value in return for a buy to let mortgage (the best deals are available for buyers who have a deposit of 40% or more). Also, recent changes in legislation means that you will be paying a higher rate of stamp duty for an investment property.

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Buy To Let

When you apply for a buy to let mortgage, the amount a lender will be willing to offer will depend on the property’s rental yield. Therefore, it’s essential that you do your homework and ensure your expectations are realistic before applying for a buy to let mortgage. We can help explain this and help you to work it out.

Also, you can expect to pay a higher interest rate on a buy to let mortgage than you would for a residential mortgage, and your arrangement fees may be higher.

There are plenty of competitive deals on the market, so talk to us to find out which deal is right for you. We also have access to providers who can lend where renovation is required and even where the property isn’t currently habitable.

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Ltd Co Buy to Let

Tax changes mean that people planning to buy more than a few buy to lets may want to do so via a Ltd Co. The additional complexity of a Ltd Co mortgage means that it is important to get the best advice. We have many years experience of this type of mortgage.

There are two broad types of lending – individual mortgages per property, or a portfolio lending facility. We can help with both. Call us now to chat through your options.

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Holiday Let / AirBnB

This app has changed the way a lot of people book short term accommodation. Edinburgh is now Europe’s leading destination for Air B&B so there is a big demand for this type of property locally.

This is a specialist type of lending which is separate from traditional buy to let or holiday let mortgages. Being independent and whole of market mortgage brokers, we have access to these lenders and can advise on which mortgage is best suited to your needs.

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Ex Pat Buy To Let

Malleny Mortgage Solutions regularly help UK expats from across the globe to purchase or refinance UK property for family use or buy to let. If you are considering buying a property in the UK, or would like to release equity from a property you already own, talk to us for independent advice about your options. We make sure we understand your personal requirements and gather as much information as we can before searching the whole expat mortgage market.

We are independent and whole of market so we can help you to get the best deal as we will normally have access to expat mortgage products which you cannot access directly. This means we can present a wider range of options for you to choose from.

Whilst there are specialist off-shore lenders who deal in expat mortgages, there are now also a number of UK based banks and building societies who will consider applications from British expatriates. Most of these lenders are only available via a broker.

Underwriting is typically very thorough for an expat mortgage and you may have to provide more detailed information then you would, if you were living and buying in the UK.

At Malleny, we have extensive experience in successfully securing expat mortgages. We work hard with both the lender and you to ensure as smooth a process as possible.
Call or email us to chat through your plans.

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