We insure our homes, our possessions, our cars, our pets – but many of us don’t think to protect what is really important - Our income and ourselves.

Without our income and ourselves, we cannot insure anything else so it should be the first thing we protect.

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Insure Your Income

This is designed to provide an income if you are unable to work due to ill health. How would you pay your mortgage or rent? Your bills? What would you need to give up? How long would your savings last?

Your biggest concern will be surviving any illness so you don’t want to worry about money. Sadly, an illness can cause major financial worries.

Insurance that protects yourself, your family and your home by providing a secure income each month if you are unable to work due to an illness or injury, and a payout if you are diagnosed with a specified medical condition.

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Health Insurance

Being ill significantly impacts on your income and finances. Preventing an illness or having it dealt with quickly is important to get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

Having access to high-quality private medical facilities and treatment when and where you need it can do that. This is private medical insurance. As well as saving time, it has excellent quality of care and comfort, access to a wide range of hospitals and professionals, and access to the latest drugs and treatment.

This insurance normally also includes long term support for physical and mental illnesses, trauma, elder care and bereavement.

Risk Reality Calculator – Find out what life may have in store for you.

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Insure Against An Early Death

It is important to consider how your family and business would cope if you were to die early. Get peace of mind by having life insurance as part of your financial plan. We will help you to create a financial safety net so that you know that your loved ones and business will be protected if you die early.

Life insurance can be used to ensure a mortgage is repaid or to provide a lump sum or monthly payments to your loved ones if you were to die early.

Risk Reality Calculator – Find out what life may have in store for you

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Ask yourself – if you were unable to work due to illness or an accident, how would you manage financially? At a time when you are struggling with health issues, stress around money and meeting your financial commitments is the last thing you and your family need.

And in the worst case scenario of your death – how would your family manage? At an emotionally difficult time, don’t let worries about money overshadow those left behind.

We can help you ensure that you and your family have breathing space in difficult circumstances and help protect you and your family’s lifestyle.

Click on the different protection options on the main menu to learn more about these or check what life may have in store for you here – risk reality calculator.

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Business Insurance

There are a number of different protection policies designed specifically for insuring the people in your businesses.

Partners/Directors Share Insurance

If a shareholder in your firm was to die or become seriously ill, do the other shareholders have the personal funds to buy the shares and keep them in the business?
And can they help that shareholders family by buying the shares?

That could be your family.

Contact us to provide insurance that helps the shareholders to purchase the shares of the business from  the family of another shareholder who dies early or has a serious illness.

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Key Person Insurance

Insuring your business to safeguard against the financial effects of death, critical illness or terminal illness of a key person. This could be the business owner or a key employee. The proceeds from the policy are paid directly to the business to aid the financial costs of losing a key person in the organisation. The insurance could help towards the trading of the business whilst you try to deal with the loss.

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Relevant Life Insurance

Relevant life insurance is an individual, death in service life assurance policy. This policy is available to business owners and employees.

Insuring in this way can offer special tax advantages as the policy is classed as a business expense.

The insurance payout does not count towards annual or lifetime pension allowances.

Relevant Life Insurance can also be an efficient way to offer employees life cover if your business is not eligible for a group life scheme.

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Business Loan Insurance

The insurance proceeds are used to pay off any outstanding loans your business may have under personal guarantee. These may include bank loans and director’s loans which need to be repaid upon death.

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Employer Group Plans

Good employee benefits can help secure and retain the best people. Employers can protect their employees in different ways for income, health and life.

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Buildings & Contents Insurance

Whether you rent or own your home, insuring it makes sense. There are two main types of home insurance to consider – buildings and contents. As the names suggest, buildings insurance protects the property itself, whilst contents insurance covers the furniture, furnishings, appliances, clothing and all your possessions.

Whatever the type of property you live in, even if it’s ‘non-standard’, the chances are, we’ll be able help you to find the cover you need. And we’ll also be able to help you get the right cover for all your home contents.

Although the value of our properties and their contents will of course vary, it’s important not to underestimate just how much all the contents in your home are worth – your electrical and technology items alone could easily add up to thousands of pounds. ‘Gadgets’ such as tablets are small but relatively expensive and can easily be damaged or stolen. Take a look around you, how much would it cost to replace all the contents of your home?

Although we all like to think that it won’t happen to our home, unfortunately, accidents, fire, burglary and other mishaps are not uncommon. So, whilst it’s tempting to think that home insurance is one expense that can be avoided, such a decision could prove to be a false economy.
The good news is that we can help.

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