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Mortgage deal due for renewal? Not sure what to do? We can look at a new lender as well as your current lenders rates to make sure you get the best advice around it!

Looking to move house? Not sure what you can borrow? Let us take care of that for you!

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Your current deal is about to end and you want to see if you can save money by switching mortgage lenders? Want to discover if you can borrow more from your lender? Talk to us!

Most lenders offer existing clients a new special rate at the end of a deal as they are usually keen to keep your business. Loyalty, however, isn’t always rewarded so it is worth checking the whole market to make sure you have the most competitive deal.

At Malleny Mortgage Solutions our advice is to start looking for a remortgage deal around six months before the end of your current deal.

We can help in straightforward like for like cases or where your personal situation has changed, or the new mortgage will be different from your existing one. For example you may wish to alter the loan amount or change the term.

Let our helpful consultants do the leg work to find the best solution tailored to your needs.

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Moving home

Have you outgrown your home, or your circumstances require you to move. Let us help take the stress out of the mortgage side to enable you to focus on the other logistics of buying and selling.

Malleny Mortgage Solutions are independent, whole of market mortgage advisers and have well established relationships with UK lenders. We can access all currently available mortgages including exclusive deals that aren’t accessible to the general public. What’s more, our consultants aren’t just experts in mortgages; we can also advise you on the current state of the property market, latest mortgage legislation, the most profitable locations in which to buy or sell and talk to you about protecting your income, mortgage and family.

From working out how much you will require in moving costs, to calculating how much you can borrow, we will make the whole process as stress free as possible. We will also provide impartial assistance to help you choose an Estate Agent and Solicitor for your move.

Whilst buying and selling for the majority runs smoothly, there are occasions when the unexpected blip happens. If you are unfortunate to suffer a problem or hold-up, you can be confident in our service to pull out all the stops to help keep your new purchase on track.
If you are thinking of moving, get in touch now!

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