Expat Mortgages

Malleny Mortgage Solutions regularly help UK expats from across the globe to purchase or refinance UK property for family use or buy to let.

If you are considering buying a property in the UK, or would like to release equity from a property you already own, talk to us for independent advice about your options. We make sure we understand your personal requirements and gather as much information as we can before searching the whole expat mortgage market.

We are independent and whole of market so we can help you to get the best deal as we will normally have access to expat mortgage products which you cannot access directly. This means we can present a wider range of options for you to choose from.

Whilst there are specialist off-shore lenders who deal in expat mortgages, there are now also a number of UK based banks and building societies who will consider applications from British expatriates. Most of these lenders are only available via a broker.

Underwriting is typically very thorough for an expat mortgage and you may have to provide more detailed information then you would, if you were living and buying in the UK.

At Malleny, we have extensive experience in successfully securing expat mortgages. We work hard with both the lender and you to ensure as smooth a process as possible.

Expat Mortgage Checklist:

Proof of Address – the lender will still typically require some form of address proof. This can be tricky as an expat as the normal driving licence or utility bill isn’t always appropriate. Often a letter from your employer will suffice.

Certified ID – Lenders will require certified ID to support your application. If you havent visited us in the UK or have a UK lawyer who can provide this then you may need to visit a law firm or public notary in the country you live to have your documents certified. We can guide you on this.

UK Income – If you are remortgaging a property that’s already let out. You will need to provide evidence of the income which it’s generating for you in the UK. Usually this would be the Tax Calculation which can be download by the self-assessment HMRC website or your accountant can provide this for you.

UK credit profile – It is often helpful to keep some active credit in the UK to give you a bigger lender choice. Maintaining your credit score helps prospective lenders identify who you are.

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